Replace The Print Screen In Ubuntu To flameshot

The default print screen under Ubuntu does not give you many options and under windows we have software like Greenshot. I obviously use Ubuntu and was search for a better application. I came across a program called Flame Shot and it reminded me of Greenshot a lot. Its brilliant and allows you to take screenshots with a multitude of options for editing.

I have installed flameshot under Ubuntu using the following command under the terminal:

apt install flameshot

Flameshot under Gnome will run on the top notification area where you can right click and take a screenshot, but what If we want to use the print screen button instead. Well first we need to remove gnomes built in screenshot attachment by issuing the following terminal command:

gsettings set screenshot '[]'

Flameshot is now free to be used with the Print Screen Button. now got to: Settings > Devices > Keyboard and make a new shortcut key entry. Enter a name of Flameshot and for the command type:

/usr/bin/flameshot gui

That should be it and enjoy your more advanced Print Screen.

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