I first started messing around with computers over 30+ years ago. I remember my first computer being an IBM 8086 with the 5.25″ Floppy disks and I remember floppy disks were actually floppy back then. It was a bulky machine with a great big orange power flip switch on the side of the machine. There was no GUI like windows on this machine it was where I first learnt to use MS-DOS version 3.00 I believe at the time. I mostly started learning how to use the command line and creating basic menu’s and learning basic with the program Gw-Basic. This machine was donated by my uncle who worked in London for a big stationary company.

My next machine he donated to me in my teens was a 386sx which had DOS and Windows for workgoups 3.11. This was the first time I used a GUI on a computer and spent much time on this machine just learning how to use further DOS commands and windows, playing with batch file etc.

I was pretty quiet and feeling lost during my childhood years and using computers was a comfort and something that I enjoyed. I wasn’t interested in going outside to build tree houses or playing games like kerbsie. Those who don’t know what Kerbsie is:


I believe my next computer was at 14 years old and was an Olivetti which my Mum rented for me at a shop called radio rentals. This was a shop in the UK that doesn’t no longer exist. You could pay monthly in renting products and have the choice of keeping the product after a certain amount of payments. I had no farther and only had my Mum and we wasn’t very well off. My mum struggled as we have a big family but she helped me out with getting this computer. I believe if my memory corrects me it was a 486DX2/66. It originally came with windows 3.1 but I managed to update this machine when Windows 95 was released.

I still carried on learning and messing around with PC’s but I also started making groups of friends and started going outside a lot. I was interested in BMX’s, I was always out on my bike, often coming home with scratches and bruises. I’m glad I started going out and experiencing playing outside with my friends, but I always had time to still sit on my computer in the evenings.

“Nothing can be more exciting then being chased off a farmers field or building tree houses which me and my friends did”.

I studied IT at school and then completed an IT apprenticeship. My first job was not in computers though as all my friends were making more money doing construction site work. I did this for a few years and started drinking and clubbing a lot with me and my friends turned 18. I did some various jobs for a few years with getting back into computers in the early 2000’s. First job was some agency work fixing and refurbishing laptops, I did not stay at this role too long, eventually moving to my first job I enjoyed – Working in a computer shop doing Fix and Build. I got so much hardware experience in this role and learning diagnosing software and hardware faults. I was working doing this until around 2005-2006ish. Fix and Build shops stopped doing as well when tablets and mobiles started having full web access instead of just wap at the time.

This is when I started to move my knowledge into more business and networking…….To be continued…….